More BT Openreach Works

BT’s contractor, KN Cirnet, contacted CHRC late yesterday to advise that they have been instructed by BT to undertake additional duct route excavation works at various locations around the Estate to extend/renew the duct up to the householder curtilage.

The below ground duct routes to various properties need extending/renewing.  The work will comprise digging down on the ducts that they have recently put fibre optic cables inside, installing a swept-tee bend and then a short trench excavation up the property boundary.  All this work is likely to be undertaken in the verges, the timing will be over the next couple of weeks.  CHRC have asked for timetable, however, the list of properties is provided below.

Lewis Lane Acorn Tree Cottage

Winkers Close Coppice End , Claremont and Hartwell

Ellis Ave Redlands, Karrageen, and April Cottage

Upway No.3 Tickencote

Winkers Lane No.12

Chiltern Hill Ochre House, Tall Trees, Highfields, Widdrington Lodge, Riddings, Simla, Beechlawn and Bryn Tirion

More news and timings will be shared as they are sent to CHRC.