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Chalfont Heights Commemorative Hill Climb Parade

The event is being developed and is planned to take place on the 27th June 2015. If you have any queries about the Chalfont Heights Hill Climb Parade, please email us on [email protected]

Photos courtesy of Motoring Picture Library

The aerial photo above was taken in 1937 and shows the Woodside Hill section of the Estate with the golf course in the background.  You can identify clearly the five houses shown on the map of the course on the South side of Woodside Hill. the island/hairpin at the junction of Woodside Hill & Lincoln Road, Lincoln House, The White House and Wingate on the East side of Lincoln Road and Wivelsfield (more recently renamed Balcomie) on the West side of Lincoln Road. The rest of the Estate in the photo is simply open meadowland.

The detailed map of the course below shows the exact location of the Starts and Finishes for the various events 1929 to 1935.

Chalfont Heights Hill Climb 1929 - 1935 Course Plan

1929 – 1935 Course Plan

Parade Route

Parade Route

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Acknowledgements to Derek Bryan and the members of the Chalfont Historical Society.

Photos courtesy of Motoring Picture Library