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Welcome to the website of the Chalfont Heights estate in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire.

In these pages you will find information about the estate, its heritage, activities and latest news. Our photos show Chalfont Heights from the 1930s to today.

The estate is managed by a Committee. It's easy to make contact with us.

One section of the website - the Forum - is open only to residents of the estate: it is password protected.

Peter Whitehead Riley 1932
Bugatti Type 55 BOC Hill Climb Start
Bugatti Type 37 on Chalfont Hill Climb
Bugatti Type 37 BOC, on 'The Hairpin'
Riley Brooklands 9 BOC 1935
MG Chalfont Hill Climb
Chalfont Heights Neighbourhood Watch

Cllr Bruce Allen Laid to Rest

Cllr Bruce Allen, who was a resident of Chalfont Heights at Upway Corner, died peacefully on the 10th of August this year. His service took place today at The Parish Church in St Peter. Cllr Allen was a proud resident of the Heights and a lifelong supporter of the Paccar camp, he will be remembered by many in the Village and also by his neighbours on Upway.


Water Leak on Upway

There will be works on the entrance to Joiners Lane and Upway all day today on the 27th of August. A note was dropped by Thames Water to all residents. The works should be completed in 1 day.


CHRC Archive

The Archive section of the CHRC website has now been updated with all of the minutes from the formation of the Roads Committee back in 1956. If you have any old documents or photos relating to the estate and houses on it, please feel free to share these with us and we will be glad to add these to the CHRC Archive.


More BT Openreach Works

BT’s contractor, KN Cirnet, contacted CHRC late yesterday to advise that they have been instructed by BT to undertake additional duct route excavation works at various locations around the Estate to extend/renew the duct up to the householder curtilage.

The below ground duct routes to various properties need extending/renewing.  The work will comprise digging down on the ducts that they have recently put fibre optic cables inside, installing a swept-tee bend and then a short trench excavation up the property boundary.  […]


Road Closures – Gas Works

Dear Resident,Please find attached an update note from Mark Simmons of CHRC about Cadent gas works at the junction of Lincoln Road/Woodside Hill.

Cadent have requested to put the road closure in place from tomorrow, Weds 19th May.

Mark is meeting Cadent in the morning. Unfortunately, although he meets the company every week, this particular closure has been sprung on us at very short notice.  


Accounts 2020 Published

CHRC accounts for 2020 have now been approved by the AGM and have been published HERE